Playground 'Strychnine and Snakes' cassette/booklet

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WHR003 PLAYGROUND Strychnine and Snakes cassette + booklet package. Collection of rare/demo/live recordings all selected by founding member Andy P. and spanning the very beginning of this Kent-based post-punk/noise group to its later stage when the renowned late Chicago producer Iain Burgess sat behind their recordings. From early drum machine-backed assaults in 1986 to the more full-on sound developed when future Splintered members Paul Dudeney and Paul Wright joined the ranks, the songs here catch the group's broad sound before its demise in 1989 and co-founder Andy P.'s commencing of a short-lived second version of the group (which released a 12" and CD on Dirter Promotions). Released in March 2018. 50 copies made. On Fourth Dimension Records' subsidiary Winter Hill Recordings. 7.00 GBP + 3.50 GBP shipping (anywhere in the world)