2dicks 'Neighbourhoods in the Eternal Light' 7" lathe-cut PRE-SELL


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FDLS105 2DICKS Neighbourhoods in the Eternal Light lathe-cut 7". Two collaborative pieces by Richard Youngs and Richard Johnson (hence the 2dicks moniker) recorded mid-2017 and essentially comprising source material from the latter teased into comparatively more 'listenable' shapes by the former (with the help of an additional sound or two). Not the easiest of music, Richard Youngs himself referred to the pieces being akin to mid-period Flux of Pink Indians-meets-PIL's Flowers of Romance during the recording process, but this may suggest results that are less avant-garde than they actually are. This release should appear in early 2019 in an edition of 25 lathe-cut 7"s in handmade packaging. It is available to pre-order now. 18.00 GBP + 6.50 GBP postage (anywhere in the world) NB: Given the nature of the release, the price is inevitable. Sorry. Lathe-cuts are great fun but expensive to produce!