Adverse Effect magazine Early 2019 PRE-SELL



Following many years of false starts and hiccups, a new physical edition of Adverse Effect magazine is ready. The first since 2005. Throughout its 48pp it collects interviews with Richard Youngs and Edward Ka-Spel, plus pieces on Alice Kemp, Michael Begg (Fovea Hex, Human Greed), Mahler Haze and Steve Cammack of Dieter Muh. In addition are various late night, semi-coherent pontifications and heaps of music reviews gathered from the past year or so and not posted on the online version of Adverse Effect. Designed as a gathering of loose ends it should herald a new beginning for the physical version of this post-Grim Humour 'zine. This will be published at the very start of 2019 and is available now for pre-order. £5.00 + £4.00 shipping (anywhere in the world)