Ahad aka Zsolt Sőrés 'Nemo Point Soundmap for Terrestrial Melanoheliophobics' 2CD (FDR/HT Recs)

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Representing Ahad's Flux Worlds 1, the lengthily titled 'Nemo Point Soundmap...' album is the very latest solo offering from this Hungarian sonic traveller now based in Berlin, Zsolt Sőrés. Spread over the two discs are seven pieces that take a combination of viola, bass, piano strings, voice, mellotron, dictaphone, percussion and all manner of other instrumentation and objects into a realm where inner space folds in on itself and unwittingly assumes the guise of multitudinous journeys to those far-reaching points many a shaman (sonic or otherwise) has attempted to draw from. Despite his background in academic music, Zsolt has always broken beyond this with the help of a deep-seated interest in kosmische music, psychedelia and the kind of improvisational approach responsible for having produced artists as wide-ranging as AMM, This Heat and Organum. Also, these days, a regular collaborator with Zappi of Faust, past credits include collaborative work with Jean-herve Peron of Faust, Faust themselves, Franz Hautzinger, Christian kobi, Adam Bohman, Theme and many more. He also works with Hilary Jeffery in the fully immersive wall of stream-of-consciousness sound that is Inconsolable Ghost (who once had a cassette released by Fourth Dimension Records). If anybody could be heralded as a true practitioner of what could be best described as transitional music in its purest form, then Zsolt must be that artist.

Fourth Dimension Records and Zsolt's own Hinge Thunder are happy to help bring the latest mapping of this particular sonic multiverse to your ears.

Released in January 2023.

Note that Ahad's Flux Worlds 2 will follow on vinyl in February 2023. It will also be joint-released by Fourth Dimension Records & Hinge Thunder. Both releases are being published with the support of the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin programme.