Alternative TV 'Was it White and Sticky?' 12" PRE-ORDER



Limited edition EP to help fill the void before the next Alternative TV album, here collecting Mark Perry's slightly playful cover of, or nod towards a medley of, Throbbing Gristle's 'United', 'Discipline' and 'Persuasion', called 'Alternative TG' and originally released on 1997's 'Punk Life' CD, b/w two cuts that first appeared on 1999's 'Apollo' CD, 'Oh Shit, We Fell from Grace' and 'Slap and Tickle'. A one-off snapshot of some of the music that appeared from this much overlooked period of Alternative TV. 300 copies only. No repress. Sion Orgon mastering. Going into production during November 2020, but 'probably'/hopefully out March 2021. Test pressings arrived in December 2020, so pretty much on track thus far...