Ashtray Navigations 'One From Then Another' CD

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Phil Todd's existence as Ashtray Navigations began in the mid-1990s. Since then, it has been everything from a fully fledged group to a solo endeavour that's embraced ur-drone-orientated noise, sprawling psychedelia, crude electronics and the more lysergic realms of the avant-garde. Amongst many other things.

On 'One From Then Another', however, we are presented with two lengthy pieces (the first of which is broken into two sections and clocks up almost 30 minutes in total) that trawl through not only the most troubled and darkest psychedelic waters oozing from a subterranean space, but also the interstellar jazz-fusion of prime Herbie Hancock. To state that both pieces take the listener on a journey would make for a cliche best avoided, but this is precisely what they do.

Fourth Dimension Records is proud to see this addition to Phil Todd's prolific output appear on a roster already heavily peppered with genuine misfits, outsiders and the kind of folk who defy lazy pigeonholing.

Released as a limited run (300 only) digipak. Released early May 2023 and shipping now!


1: Drink the Moment/Thin Fox Legs (28:30)
2. Return of the Sun of DR. Artur (19:40)