Blue Statue 'No/On' CD (Fourth Dimension Records)

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Debut album from this London based group whose contemporary take on a guitar-driven post-punk sound equally inspired by early '90s grunge is energised by ferocious melodies and an impulsive charge rarely found right now. With two brothers, Aaron and Hayden Brown, serving as both the main songwriters and lead vocalists, Blue Statue focus on existential malaise, mental health issues and other such concerns in a setting that's accessible and angry yet augmented by an openness to explore beyond. 'No/On' collects eight songs that positively sear as they blast their way into a space once again demanding to be torn apart. Throughout each, the balance between eruptive noise, angular dissent, hammer blow rhythms and serrated harmonies is maintained gloriously. This is majestic and molten rock taken right to the edge.

Landed late December 2022.