CD Blowout! Stock Clearance! June 2024

On sale! £22.00


Just had a number of CD returns from Cargo distribution and in yet another fundraising quest am going to let any FOUR of the following titles go for a bargain price. Just select four from the following list, including 2CDs, and state an alternative or two in case a title has gone. The low price in no way reflects the quality of the music, either. There are also very low quantities of some of these titles. Once gone that will be it.

Choose four titles from the following:

Ashtray Navigations 'One From Then Another' CD
Eraldo Bernocchi/Gary Mundy 'Broken Masses' CD
Blue Statue 'No/On' CD
Brian Conniffe and Simon Morris 'The Day and Night of the Body' CD
Final 'I Am the Dirt Under Your Fingernails' CD
JFK 'Weapon Design' CD
JFK 'Nganga' CD
JFK 'Avalanche Zone' CD
Kleistwahr 'In the Reign of Dying Embers' CD
Kleistwahr 'Acceptance is Not Respect' CD
Kleistwahr 'Common Values' CD
Kleistwahr 'Don't Let Go: 1982 - 1986' 2CD
Senestra 'Stanford' CD
Splintered 'Moraine' CD
Stare Tasmy CD
Sudden Infant 'Lunatic Asylum' CD
Richard Youngs 'Iker' CD
Richard Youngs 'New Emptiness' CD
V/A 'An Oblique Reference to Zeros' 2CD

Offer lasts till 12/07/2024