On sale! £32.50


Ten different titles from Fourth Dimension Records/Lumberton Trading Company/Winter Hill Recordings all for a fundraising bargain price. Only SIX of these available. No juggling with different titles. If this means doubling up on a few titles, sell the spares or pass to a friend. This is a good way to perhaps get a few different releases by artists not completely familiar with or to try something new. If familiar with the labels you'll know they generally specialise in music from backgrounds in post-punk, avant-rock, abstract electronics, 'noise' and suchlike. The releases are by The Midnight Choir, BC with Simon Morris, Hand & Leg, MAP 71, Theme, Gad Whip, Jacek Staniszeski, Stare Tasmy, Philippe Petit/Eugene S. Robinson and Limbs Bin. That's TEN releases. Shipped by air from Poland.

NB: Not slighting any of the music here, either. It is all great. Need to raise a little money towards the next release is all!