Gad Whip 'Post Internet Blues' CD

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The CD version of this Lincoln/Yorkshire-based UK group's latest album (the vinyl of which was released by Germany's X-Mist label), following several low-key cassette albums released since 2014, plus the four tracks that constituted 2017's limited edition 'In A Room' 12" e.p. Gad Whip blend avant-garde sensibilities with a contemporary take on the place where D.I.Y. culture meets post-punk, hints of deconstructed garage rock and interstellar voyaging through sweat-drenched waking dreams. Immediate, powerful, confounding and kept in place by wry, sometimes observational, semi-spoken vocals that recall Jason Williamson and the late Mark E. Smith, this is music primed perfect for any 21st century meltdown in a suburban sprawl. Released at the very start of February 2019. Available now. 9.50 GBP + shipping (anywhere in the world)