Gad Whip 'Ward 24' 7"

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Trying to understand or explain the very name of this Yorkshire group to anybody when taking into account they already have songs about couch hunches, a goat bag and a grey scale quiche will always present a far tougher call than unravelling their music, despite the apparently disparate elements pulled together over the course of an album.

Gad Whip have been operating for a few years now and have a string of mostly low-key releases behind them on cassette and suchlike. It was only in 2018 that the gears were greased a little more with the release of the Post Internet Blues LP on Germany’s X-Mist label. This itself was reissued on Fourth Dimension Records in early 2019 as a CD expanded with four tracks from the now difficult to find ‘In A Room’ 12” (on Ever/Never) from 2017.

From this point on the thick, dark and swollen skies forming a familiar blanket to the group’s operations look like they’re firmly in reach as the work continues to get cranked into place. The ‘Ward 24’ b/w ‘Trademark’ 7”, joint-released by X-Mist, Fourth Dimension and the group themselves, might well adhere to their humble and foggy beginnings in the sense it is limited to 150 but the music, perhaps the most immediate yet, wryly looks far beyond.

‘Ward 24’, still bound to vocalist Pete Davies’ semi-spoken psycho-rambled narrative, has a distinctly melodic lilt to its serpentine yet curdled minimal rock underpinning, whilst ‘Trademark’ is pure ’n’ catchy garage-punk bluster instantly proving these boys don’t want anybody to get too cosy before whatever it is next they’re cooking up. This one mainlines straight to the late night dancefloor of a seedy basement club already cracking with the strain of music not especially designed to be danced to.

The nods towards subtle experimentation of their longer works may well have been lifted, or abandoned altogether, but Gad Whip know exactly how to utilise the single format to the best of its potential.

Limited to 150. Co-released by Germany's X-Mist Records. Released in early May 2019. Includes inserts and numbered. Fourth Dimension has 50 only.