January Clear-Out/Huge Fundraiser/Collection Booster! One-off deal! BARGAIN!

On sale! £135.00


Besides a number of releases, old and new, from Fourth Dimension Records and its related labels, this one-off sale includes many items from the mail order wing that have been overstocked or are simply taking up space. There are over 80 items here, as listed below, and this could be the perfect way to get a collection going or expanded if interested in post-industrial/noise/drone/post-punk/sound art/avant-rock/etc. music. The whole lot comes together and comprises mostly CDs, but also some vinyl and cassettes. A few extra things might even be added to the box. Of which, this order will be shipped either by courier or air mail, depending on the country. No negotiating., no changes. This is a bargain that will keep the buyer occupied for a long time.

The photo, obviously, only depicts a fraction of all these items.

All are NEW/MINT.

Here is what the box includes:


Kleistwahr ‘Acceptance Is Not Respect’ CD
Gad Whip ‘Post Internet Blues’ CD
Jacek Staniszewski ‘Zawstydzajacy Dar’ CD
JFK ‘Weapon Design’ CD
Map 71 ‘Void Axis’ CD
Alternative TV ‘Scars On Sunday’ CD
Hand & Leg ‘Lust In Peace’ CD
Ramleh ‘The Great Unlearning’ 2CD
Splintered ‘Moraine’ CD
Alternative TV ‘Primitive Emotions’ CD
Limbs Bin ‘Compassion & Vision’ CD
V/A ‘Presently Untitled’ 2 x 7” (ATV, Kleistwahr, Richard Youngs, Sion Orgon, Map 71, Theme, etc.)
Ramleh ‘It’s Never Alright’ 7”
V/A ‘Low Expectations’ cassette (Sion Orgon, ATV, Hand & Leg, Map 71, etc.)
Tabata ‘Uprising’ 7”
Faust 'Od Serca Do Duszy' 2LP
Theme w/Jean-herve Peron ‘Poison is (not) the Word’ MLP
Brian Conniffe 12" MLP (NWW-related)

MAIL ORDER overstocks, etc.

AMP ‘Q Factors’ CD (Ampbase)
ANARCOCKS ‘Desert Rose’ CD (Old Europa Cafe)
PETER ANDERSSON ‘Timewaves’ CD (Old Europa Cafe)
ARCHITECTS OFFICE ‘Soundtracks’ CD (Monochrome Vision)
AUBE ‘Deglaze’ LP (Old Europa Cafe)
AX ‘Metal Forest’ CD (Cold Spring)
BEYOND DAWN ‘The Rigteous Underground’ 2CD (Putple Soil)
MAURIZIO BIANCHI ‘Noise-o-Rama’ CD (Final Muzik)
MAURIZIO BIANCHI ‘Pharmelodies’ CD (Silentes)
KARL BOSMANN ‘Euphoria Mitte’ CD (Monochrome Vision)
BOW GAMELAN ENSEMBLE ‘Great Noises That Fill The Air’ CD (Cold Spring)
JEFF CAREY ‘[3:30]’ CD (Forwind)
CONTAGIOUS ORGASM ‘Corporal’ CD (Industrial Recollections)
CONTAGIOUS ORGASM ‘Illegal Occupation of Ears’ CD (Old Europa Cafe)
CYCLOTIMIA ‘Celestis’ CD (Zhelezobeton)
CYCLOTIMIA ‘The Invisible Hand of Market’ CD (Zhelezobeton)
DIETER MUH ‘Feeling a Little Horse’ CD (EE Tapes)
YVAN ETIENNE ‘Feu’ CD (Aposiopese)
FALL INTO DRY LUNGS ‘Buried in the Woods’ CD (self)
FINAL COP ‘Castaway Lakota’ CD (Dub Ditch Picnic)
GLORIOUS DIN ‘Leading Stolen Horses’ LP (B.F.E.)
HATI ‘Zero Coma Zero’ CD (Zoharum)
NICK HOFFMAN ‘Barbarous Tongues’ CD (Gravity Swarm)
HYBRYDS ‘Mistrust Authority…’ 2CD (Zoharum)
HYBRYDS ‘Dreamscapes…’ 2CD (Zoharum)
HYPNOZ ‘Breath of Earth’ CD (Zhelezobeton)
IF, BWANA ‘The Ice Moors’ CD (Nefryt)
THE INFANT CYCLE ‘Drop-Out Center’ CD (Zhelezobeton)
IN MEDITORIVM ‘Plexus/Uterus’ CD (Old Captain)
RICHARD KAHN & RICHARD FRANCIS eponymous CD (Monochrome Vision) *some staining on front cover
K11 ’The Sacred Wood’ CD
KHOST ‘Governance’ CD (Cold Spring)
KHOST/GODFLESH ‘Khost Deconstructed…’ CD (Cold Spring)
KINSKY ‘Praeterito Futurum’ CD (Antena Kryzku)
KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK ‘Elusive Trajectories’ CD (Zhelezobeton)
CHRISTINA KUBISCH ‘Schall Und Klang’ CD (Fragment Factory)
LISFRANK ‘Elevator’ CD (FinalMuzik)
FRANCISCO LOPEZ ‘With/in’ CD (Silentes Minimal Editions)
MAMMOTH ULTHANA ‘Particular Factors’ CD (Zoharum)
MZ.412 ’Svartmyrkr’ (Cold Spring)
OWT’KRI ‘Pilgrimage’ CD (Eroto Tox Decodings)
COLIN POTTER ‘The Abominable Slowman’ LP (Abstrakce)
PSYCHIC TV ‘Kondole/Dead Cat’ CD + DVD (Cold Spring)
PENNY RIMBAUD ‘Oh, Magick Kingdom’ CD (Cold Spring)
RLW ‘Fall Seliger Geister’ CD (Black Rose Recordings)
SHE SPREAD SORROW ‘Midori’ CD (Cold Spring)
6COMM ‘One Mans Hel’ CD (Kenaz)
SMALL CRUEL PARTY ‘Islands Of Sleep’ CD (Ferns Recordings)
SPLINTERED ‘Turned Inside Out’ 2CD (Totuuden Sarvi Levyt)
TBC_CZEPOKS + JERMANN ‘Live Radio Gagarin’ CD (Wachsender Prozess)
TECH RIDERS ‘In The Sky’ CD (Attenuation Circuit)
TEMPLEZONE ‘Neosphera’ CD (Final Muzik)
THUNDERWHEEL ‘Credo’ CD (The Eastern Front)
ASMUS TIETCHENS ‘Fast Ohne Titel, Korrosion’ CD (Black Rose)
TROUM ’Syzygie’ CD (Cold Spring)
VERDE ‘Petoviha’ CD (Karkia Mistika)
VIVIANKRIST ‘Morgenrode’ CD (Cold Spring)
WAILIN’ STORMS ‘Sick City’ CD (Antena Krzyku)
JOHN WALL & MARK DURGAN ‘Contrapt’ CD (Harbinger Sound)
WOLFRAM ‘X’ CD (Monotype)
WOLFRAM ‘Atol Drone’ (Bocian)
XAMBUCA ‘уничтожение’ CD (Eroto Tox Decodings)
XAMBUCA ‘カムィ’ CD (Eroto Tox Decodings)
X-NAVIET ‘Dead City Voice’ LP (Zoharum)
ZENIAL ‘Reworked’ CD (Vivo)
ZENI GEVA & STEVE ALBINI ‘Maximum Explosion’ CD (Cold Spring)
Z’EV ‘Rhythmajik’ CD (Small Voices)
Z’EV & DARIUSZ WOJTAS ‘Pro Pagan Da’ CD (Nefryt)
V/A ‘Balanced’ CD (Chris Tenz, VDEX, Places, etc.)
V/A ‘Circuit Integre Vol.1.’ (Gaap Kvlt, FOOL, etc.) - Zoharum
V/A ‘XV’ CD (Marc Behrens, Clarence Barlow, etc.) - Degem
V/A ‘Pyre - A Cold Spring Sampler’ CD (Troum, Skullflower, Coil, etc.)


THOMAS FYSHE PALMER ‘Distillation Of Pythagoras’ (Noisetracker)
SEKTOR 304 ‘Primary Interface’ 2 x cassette (New Approach)
UZGIN UVER ’99’ (Bahia)