JFK 'Avalanche Zone' CD

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Originally released in spring 2021 by US label L.I.E.S. on vinyl, Anthony Di Franco of Ramleh returns to Fourth Dimension Records with a timely and well-deserved reissue. Featuring three additional tracks to the original six, 'Avalanche Zone' is a weighty and abrasive follow-up to 2018's 'Weapon Design' that's propelled by cranium-crunching bass, icy and portentous textures, battlefield rhythms and just the faintest nod to Anthony's love of both old school noise and more contemporary electronic music which refuses to compromise.

If you have been paying attention to JFK especially during more recent years you won't be disappointed. Limited to 300. Released early August 2023.


1. Pullulator
2. Embryo
3. Ophidian
4. Amniotic Comfort
5. Avalanche Zone
6. Pattern of Descent
7. The Body*
8. Ophidian (Klaska remix)*
9. Pattern of Descent (Klaska remix)*

* Exclusive bonus tracks

This can also be purchased as part of the bargain price 7 x CD deal noted elsewhere in the shop (also including Ashtray Navigations CD, Kleistwahr 2CD, Mummies & Madmen CD and three other upcoming titles).