Kleistwahr 'Down But Defiant Yet' CD

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Some restocks of this 2017 album by Gary Mundy of Ramleh's Kleistwahr due to some returns from the main distributor. The other four CD titles by Kleistwahr on Fourth Dimension Records have SOLD OUT. Here's what Frans de Waard of Vital Weekly had to say about this incredible album which generally seems to have been overlooked (despite numerous review copies having gone out at the time): "Before pressing ‘start’ I checked if the volume was a notch of two down, as I expected some heavy duty noise from Gary Mundy, who is also part of Ramleh, one of my favourites when it comes to '80s power electronics. In recent years Fourth Dimension released some of Kleistwahr’s old and new music (using the Broken Flag Records aesthetic of Mundy’s old label), and now it’s time for a reissue of a very limited lathe cut record that came out earlier this year on Independent Woman, a label from New Zealand. That was a 10”, some thirteen minutes of music, so two bonus pieces are included here, and now the total length is thirty-seven minutes (it would have made a lovely LP, but I guess evil market forces are against that). Right in the beginning I turned the volume back up again as this quickly turned out to be a different kind of Kleistwahr. The howl of the guitar soloing about in ‘Broken
And Beaten in 5/8 Part 1. Beaten’ is not unlike that of seventies krauty jamming, along the hammering of a drum machine. In ‘Broken And Beaten in 5/8 Part 2. Broken’ the drum machine is switched off and the guitar isn’t in solo mode but operates like a vacuum cleaning noise machine, along with a voice howl and orchestral loop and reminded me of Ramleh. Another nod towards seventies kraut
music is the swirl of guitar feedback of ‘What’s It All For?’, the first of the two bonus pieces. It’s spooky stuff, the stuff of nightmares I guess, or the soundtrack of a documentary of seventies tower blocks in decay, which is also the case for ‘Mass Exodus (A Hymn)’, with its crumbled organ sound and heavily processed choir sound. It is all quite psychedelic I guess and exactly the kind of thing I very much
enjoy, just because it doesn’t seem to be about the wonderful, colourful psychedelic, but a rather more misanthropic version of it. The perfect soundtrack for these dark days. (FdW)"