Kleistwahr 'This World Is Not My Home'/'Over Your Heads Forever' 2LP set PRE-ORDER



FD2LP115 KLEISTWAHR This World Is Not My Home/Over Your Heads Forever 2LP. Reissue of these now o/p albums (originally released as CDs on Fourth Dimension Records in 2014 and 2016, respectively) as a limited edition 2LP set. Later, the Down But Defiant Yet and Acceptance Is Not Respect albums will follow in a similar package, comprising a gatefold sleeve and inserts. Each album in this series will be featured in its entirety. A box might also be then made available to house the two sets, possibly mail order only, but this will be decided on and announced with the second set if it happens (the original idea to simply release a box set proved to be simply too expensive to contemplate). 200 of each set will be made available for retail via direct orders and selected stockists. This is strictly limited and will not be repressed. The first one is scheduled for spring 2019 and can be pre-ordered now. The albums will be made available digitally at the same time, too. 25.00 GBP + 10.00 GBP shipping (anywhere in the world)