MAP 71 'Turn Back Metropolis' CD

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The very latest album by the Brighton duo built around drums, electronics and vocals. As with the previous album, 'Void Axis', from 2018, this is joint-released by drummer Andy Pyne's own Foolproof Projects imprint and arrives adorned in wonderful, characteristic artwork by vocalist Lisa Jayne. Also packaged with an 8pp booklet featuring all the words. "A stream of angst and agitation not seen since the anarcho-punk days of the eighties worms its way into the rhythm and voice of this Brighton based duo, which may account for the continual comparisons with contemporary political agitators Sleaford Mods. Our review of their previous release Gloriosa went further with references to Suicide and Z'EV and we probably should have mentioned the early albums of PiL, as the sound of Map 71 is strewn with influences from post-punk, industrial and improvisation. But they also sneak in influences from dance music into their electronics, even if it is turned upside down." (Compulsion Online review of 'Void Axis'). Released September 2020.