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FDCD107 MAP 71 Void Axis CD. The very latest from this Brighton duo of Lisa Jayne (words, voice) and Andy Pyne (percussion, electronics) who over the past year or two have been steadily gaining wider recognition for both their live performances and their recorded work. Fourth Dimension Records released their excellent 'Gloriosa' album in 2017 as a limited edition cassette which sold out instantly and prompted a CD reissue in early 2018 featuring some bonus tracks culled from equally now hard-to-find limited edition releases. 'Void Axis' is their fourth album and catches the duo at their most immediate thus far, with Lisa's narrative being pushed to new places in terms of its delivery. The music itself remains possessed of a contemporary post-punk hue that equally draws from other genres themselves often turned upside down. 'Gloriosa' garnered heaps of praise that sometimes saw Map 71's work noted alongside the music of Sleaford Mods, Z'ev, Suicide and Cut Hands. 'Void Axis' is the perfect way to discover whether one agrees with that or not. Released by Foolproof Projects/Fourth Dimension Records. Released in September 2018. Out now. £9.75 + £3.50 shipping (anywhere in the world) NB: FEW LEFT!