Tabata 'The Long Afternoon of Tabata' cassette PRE-ORDER



Originally self-released as a limited run CDr on Tabata's own label in 2016, this catches two lengthy enough live works by Mitsuru 'Lucifer' Tabata (ex-Acid Mothers Temple, ex-Zeni Geva, ex-Boredoms, Green Flames, etc.) on guitar and synth. Anybody familiar with his solo work already (some of which has also been released by Fourth Dimension Records over the years) will know he has quite a unique approach to merging a number of styles that in the wrong hands would be doomed to fail. A total master, his music draws from psychedelia, industrial, folk, the avant-garde and far beyond in a highly natural and organic way. Personal yet able to communicate both deftness and playfulness, this is pure cerebral cortex-jarring music of the highest order. This will be the last of the label's recent delving into cassette releases perhaps forever but at least for a long time. To be released as a limited edition in February 2019. Available to pre-order now.