Void Fill 'Landfill History' CD

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The debut album by Void Fill, a transatlantic indie-rock band sitting in the delta of the '80s post-punk and '90s madchester/baggy/grebo revival. Pete F. Davies shouts from the UK, Ken Holiday and Jakob Rehlinger transmute his words into music in Canada. Ken and Jakob previously played together in a dance-punk band trading under the name The Clap during the mid-2000s. Ken currently records as Everything Is Geometry and Jakob as King Pong Dub System. Pete currently sings in the anarcho-post-punk band Gad Whip, whom Jakob released a cassette by on his now defunct label Arachnidiscs in 2017. The trio released their debut EP as an extremely limited edition one-sided 12" on the venerable Canadian label Lance Rock Records in 2018.

File next to The Fall, PIL, Arab Strap, Richard Dawson, Primal Scream, Wire, Jah Wobble and Sleaford Mods

Track titles:
1. Wipe
2. Voice 2 Skull
3. Landfill History
4. Petrol + Lavender
5. Clone/Copy
6. Dead Friends
7. Insult Yourself
8. Hide + Seek
9. Brutal MF
10. Dot 2 Dot
11. Keep On
12. Decluttering
13. Clickbait
14. Petrichor

Fourteen tracks of beautiful music perfect for these ugly times. Released late May 2022 on Fourth Dimension Records.